On our website you will find information about "POLSUS" and “POLSUS-AGRO” structure and activities, current breeding data, breed descriptions as well as specimens of breeding documents. You have direct access to current results of breeding animals performance on farm test as well as list of breeding herds with "POLSUS" health certificates. Here you will also find a list of breeding herds officially free from Aujeszky disease.
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Animals` health

Animals health is a very important element of a production success. In order to guarantee high health status of our breeding stock “POLSUS” introduced special Program of Breeding Herds Health Protection. Here you will find basic program rules and a list of breeders with valid health certificates.

Market news

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Browser Selecting animals with proper performance and breeding parameters is a key to pig production success. Our browser enables you to check and compare performance and BLUP results in order to help you make right decisions especially those concerning purchasing breeding stock.

Fairs and exhibitions

„POLSUS" POLSUS is organizing many pig fairs and exhibitions in the country.
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