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POLSUS-AGRO Ltd. is the latest initiative of Polish Pig Breeders and Producers Association „POLSUS” Presidium of the Main Board. Members resolution concerning forming the company of commercial law was taken on the 18th May 2006. Articles of association was signed the same day.

The main tasks of POLSUS-AGRO Ltd. are commercial activity and providing services in range of market researching and public opinion poll as well as publishing magazines and trade papers and of course fatteners wholesale. POLSUS- AGRO Ltd. has all necessary licenses, approvals and documents to perform above mentioned activities.

Founding notarial deed of POLSUS-AGRO Ltd.
signed by: T. Blicharski, K. Skrzymowska, J. Biegniewski, W. Świdrowski
(from left to right).

If you are interested in establishing new commercial contacts and contracts we are open to any suggested kind of cooperation!!!
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Board of trustees:
Tadeusz Blicharski
Jan Biegniewski
Waldemar Świdrowski

Board of management:
Katarzyna Skrzymowska

ul. Ryzowa 90
02-495 Warszawa
phone + 48 22 882 82 01
fax +48 22 723 00 83

Company details:
NIP 522-28-16-259 (tax identification number)
REGON 140595097 (National Economy Register)
KRS 0000259174 National Registry Court in Warsaw, XIIIth Administrative Department of National Registry Court

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Polski Związek Hodowców i Producentów Trzody Chlewnej
ul. Ryżowa 90
02-495 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 723 08 06
fax. +48 22 723 00 83
e-mail: polsus@polsus.pl

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