PQS is a new proposal of  complex and integral high quality food production system. Its main goal is to provide market with lean pork with important for consumers and meat processors meat quality parameters.

System is based on using proper pig breeds and special feeding rules. PQS embraces production on farm: pig breeding and pig production and pre-slaughter procedure followed by meat processing. PQS standards designed for each level of pork production have a great impact on final product quality and guarantee high quality of pork produced in the system.

Pork produced in the system has a lot of favourable parameters that help it stay fresh longer,  enhance its culinary and processing usefulness, is savoury and attractive to consumers. Raw pork produced according to PQS rules may be the base to produce high quality processed meat products.

It should be underlined that pork production according to PQS standards is in alliance with current welfare and animals and human health regulations as well as in respect of natural environment. 

System is voluntary and open which means that all participants of pork production chain  are welcome to join it provided that will obey additional standards designed for each production stage.

Identification system designed in PQS for animals and carcasses guarantees full traceability of a final product from a part of pork back to the herd where it came from.

PQS guarantees credibility in quality and identification of a final product.  Both features are confirmed after control performed by independent certification body accredited according to PN EN 45011 norm. When confirmed that breeders, producers and meat plants fulfil PQS standards they all obtain certificates which are a prove of producing pork according to system requirements. All certified farms/plants are allowed to use PQS logo which is a common guarantee trade mark.  PQS logo ensures consumers that final product fulfils strict quality criteria and helps them make buying decisions.

PQS puts on close cooperation between breeders, pig producers and meat processors. Close cooperation between them enhances their economy power and helps them adjust production profile to consumers’ needs, which is profitable for both breeders and processors.

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